Marry In Thailand

A Promise to our valued guests that intend to marry here at Sandy Bay

As our customers, we give you our solemn promise that we at Sandy Bay will guide you step by step along the way to make sure your wedding is not only pleasant but also 100% legally recognized in Thailand, and also your home Country.

We want you to know for certain and without any doubt that The Legal Registration Process of a Marriage in Thailand is not hard or difficult.

There are two ways you can acquire your legal documents.

1.) You can do it by yourself, it just takes some time to get it done correctly, in 99% of all cases this amounts to 4-5 days in Bangkok at the most.

2.) Or: If you would like to spend less time in Bangkok (usually only 1 work day) you'll simply need to collect your affidavits in person from your embassy, and once your documents have been seen and stamped by your embassy, our legal agent will take over and process everything further and will forward the completed documentation needed to register your marriage in Koh Phangan to you at Sandy Bay and you can receive your documents while you're here. (Of course in this case, a fee will apply for the legal services) {A note about the legal services fees: We work with one specific firm that specializes in international marriages. For Sandy Bay guests, the fees are very reasonable and often less than the cost of a 5 night stay in Bangkok}

Again, as you allow Sandy Bay to be part of your special day, either way our customer chooses we will be happy to assist in every step of the process to assure you that your marriage will be legally recognized both in your Country of residence and in Thailand.

All details for either choice will be provided step by step upon request and your process can begin upon good faith deposit having been made even if prior to your visit to Thailand.

With Warmest Wishes for Your Wedding Day,

Sandy Bay Bungalows Resort Thailand

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