Tour Our Beautiful Island by Way of a Longtail Boat.



The Longtail Boat Tour is a one of a kind on Koh Phangan Island.

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Feel free to join our snorkeling and kayaking tour as an individual, a group or even your own private longtail boat tour. The BLACK CORAL TOUR truly has it all.sandyboat6


Our snorkelling and kayaking tour will take you to visit the most beautiful beaches and coral reefs around the island. The stunning beaches are concentrated on the west coast. We start at Haad Salad Beach to Mae Haad Beach which is joined by a sand bar connecting to Koh Ma and Haad Khom beaches. There are hundreds of beautiful coral reef species of fish here which will leave you awestruck and dazzled by their vibrant colors. You may see turtles, blue spotted stingrays and large groupers. Also, you can enjoy kayaking with spectacular beach scenery especially at Bottle beach (only accessible by boat) where we will then have lunch before heading to Than Sadet and the beautiful waterfall there, a very historic place where several Thai Kings have visited and ascribed their names on the rock outcroppings found there.

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